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Lucky Duck says Welcome! Now offering FREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS OVER $20!

A freshly roasted bean is a miraculous creature, influenced by soil, altitude, weather, and cultivation. As beans are roasted, complex chemical reactions occur, giving rise to flavors and taste sensations that encompass a broad range of human experience.

Our mission is to optimize roasting profiles and deliver premium whole bean coffee fresh to your door so that you can explore and enjoy every nuance.

Lucky Duck Coffee will clear your mind, ignite your optimism, and bring you the luck you deserve.

Let Lucky Duck gourmet coffee bring the miracle of the coffee experience to your cup. 

JAVACCO TOBACCO INFUSIONS!!!!! WORLD'S FIRST AND ONLY TOBACCO INFUSED COFFEE.  For a more adventuresome treat- try our new tobacco-infused coffee, Javacco! Explore Javacco at